Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I think I can, I think I can...

Last night I went out and tried out a new running path. I waited for Aaron to get home so I could run solo. It was absolutely beautiful outside! I took the mp3 player to listen to some music along the way, but as I got out there I realized how pretty and serene it was so I just ran and enjoyed the sounds of nature. I wanted to run 3 mi, but when I got out there I realized that the path was almost 3 mi one way, not round trip so...I turned at the 2 mi mark and ran 4 total. The run felt great! There were a few pretty steep hills--which really slowed me down, but I kept pushing--little engine that could style, and was able to get through them! My legs are pretty sore today, I will take the day off and try to do some stretching and yoga this afternoon and hit the road tomorrow morning for hopefully 2 mi! Well, I have a toddler trying to get my attention and a baby crying in his to be momma!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Am I a runner...

So here I am over 8 months since my last post! I have been asking myself lately "am I a runner" or was it just something I had to prove to myself that I could do?? I think it is both. I AM A RUNNER-am I a fast runner? NO. Have I been a consistent runner? NO. But I am a runner. As I think about how happy I feel when I get out on the road and how much running has helped me through difficulties over the past year, I know that it is not something I do it is something I AM. So now I am trying to figure out how to juggle a 3 month old and an almost 3 yr old, taking care of the house, my family and now running. But I will make it work...because I do it for me...and I'm worth it. This afternoon I will put on my running skirt--still a little tight, lace up my shoes, and slowly find my rhythm out on the road...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

4 miles!

So this morning I was able to get a nice easy 4 miles while Aaron watched Aiden. The run was GREAT I was able to get out to my favorite "Goose Poop Lake"and run my mile loops. The sun was shining and it was nice and warm...well mid 50s. Recently I have had a lot of pressure in my pelvis and this morning was really feeling my body making room for Baby S! But once I got out there on my run the pressure was relieved! The miles were pretty slow, but they were prektty steady in pace. I am hoping to get another few miles in tomorrow morning before Church! The best part of my run...smelling BBQ at the end of each loop (there is a BBQ stand in a parking lot) boy did it smell HEAVENLY!!! Well, off to enjoy the rest of the night with my hubby!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello running!

So yesterday I got in a great 2 miles with Aiden after his nap. The run felt great! Not too fast, not too slow, just a nice comfortable pace. I actually think I could have gone another mile, but I figured that I did not want to be too tired that evening, plus Aiden was so good and earned a little playtime outside. We went to walmart last night and scored a turtleneck cold weather top in their dansko now brand for $5! I figured it would work for layering and for $5 I had to try it! I am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow when I go out for a 5k!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another day without a run...

So no run yesterday or today! Thanks to SNOW! I thought I moved south to get AWAY from all that MESS! With the snow/ice situation Aaron did not want me running in it--I agree I don't want to fall. So today I will do some prenatal yoga and try again for a run tomorrow. ooh this would be SO much easier with a TREADMILL!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nice, quiet morning run

Over the weekend I talked with Aaron about how I have been missing my run so much lately. I talked with him about how I wished that it would be easier to get out there, but with Aiden and low temps I did not want to go lately. He suggested that I went before he left for work (when I used to run). He doesn't need to leave until 7, so if I jet at 6 I can take the car, run at the lake, and be back by 6:45. So last night I set everything out and told him to PUSH me out of bed if he has to, but that I really want to go. I got up this morning and hit the road. I had a GREAT run at the lake. I ran 2 mi--no they weren't fast but they felt good. I am planning on getting back out there tomorrow AM too! I am just a little tired now...luckily Aiden went down for a nap, so hopefully I can catch a little one too!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long Month...Little Running

So this has been a long, cold month of very little running. Things are going well with Baby S and I have been potty training Aiden--so we should soon be out of diapers and solely wearing Big Boy UNDERPANTS! I have ran a few miles, but no where near where I want to be--how wonderful it would be if the treadmill fairy dropped one off in my living room (or if the FREE Gym membership fairy came by!) I find that with REALLY cold temps...I cannot run with Aiden as much--I try to wait for the warmest parts of the days so that he is not too cold. I am trying to get out today for an evening run (I was supposed to hit the road at 5AM-well that didn't happen). So hopefully I will get out there tonight and get another post in afterwards...